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Knit and crochet e-patterns for sale

Beanie hats bucket hats ear-flap hats headbands bandanas

Do-it-yourself with travel headwear e-patterns. Click on the individual pattern titles for larger images and more info.

Surf-style beanie, woven knit

Surf-style knit beanie hat pattern - $4.95.

Surf beanie knit pattern designed for DK cotton or wool.

Comfortable surf-style travel beanie pattern featuring woven stitch knitted on circular needles.

Ear-flap hat, e-patterns

Ear-flap hat, easy knit pattern

Ear-flap beanie hat knit pattern - $3.95.

Inspired by the chullo knitted and worn by men and boys in the Andes Mountains this striped ear-flap hat is a practical hat for intrepid travelers.

Ear-flap hat easy crochet pattern

Ear flap beanie, crochet pattern - $3.95.

Some people like to crochet instead of knit. Easy to follow instructions for a Peruvian inspired travel hat.

Crochet bucket hat e-patterns

Crochet hat pattern, bucket style

Crochet bucket hat pattern, striped - $5.95.

Crochet a bucket hat in lightweight cotton yarn.

Learn how to change colors in a vertical line and crochet a hat you will be proud to offer as a travel gift.

Crochet hat pattern with hatband motif

Crochet travel hat pattern with hatband - $5.95.

Crochet a bucket hat in lightweight cotton yarn.

Add a bold hatband motif adapted from the decorative baked-clay stamps of ancient Mexico. A great do-it-yourself gift to make for travelers.

Crochet bucket hat pattern, unisex

Bucket-style crochet hat pattern - $5.95.

Crochet pattern designed for lightweight cotton yarn.

Seamless, unisex crochet hat for braided, buzzed or bald heads - comfortable enough to sleep in.

Crochet hat with brim, multicolors

Multi-colored crochet bucket hat pattern - $5.95.

Bucket hat with wider brim for optimal sun protection for world travelers

Express yourself - crochet a multi-colored bucket hat for your next trip

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Crochet and knit beanie e-patterns

Slouchy beanie, bamboo

Slouchy-style beanie knit pattern - $3.95.

Knit beanie pattern for worsted weight bamboo or wool.

Knit an urban beanie with textured stripes for the traveler or musician in your life. Drapable bamboo gives a more pronounced slouch.

Visor beanie knit pattern

Visor beanie knit pattern - $6.95.

Twisted stitch patterns add stylish complexity to this popular baggy cap. Visors give protection from the glare of sun and snow.

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Crochet cap, Johnny Reb style with bill

"Johnny Reb", crochet cap pattern - $5.95.

Unisex cap in DK wool, Johnny Reb style with bill

Put your yarn stash to good use and crochet a travel cap for the cooler destinations.

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Aran-style knit beanie pattern

Aran-style knit beanie pattern, unisex - $6.95.

Knit a wool beanie in textured diamonds and double cables.

E-pattern features stitch charts and explanations to help you finish your beanie in record time.

Slouchy beanie, Gansey pattern

Slouchy beanie, Gansey knit pattern - $4.95.

Slouchy beanie for women in sport-weight yarn.

Accessorize your travel wardrobe with a solid color textured knit beanie.

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Crochet surf beanie pattern - $4.95.

Surf beanie crochet pattern with contrasting motif.

Wool beanies insulate all year round.

Crochet beanie pattern, unisex V-stitch

Crochet urban-style beanie pattern, unisex - $4.95.

Crochet a beanie in sport-weight cotton yarn this summer.

Unisex V-stitch creates a comfortable hat for all heads and hairstyles

Crochet hat, summer-style

Crochet hat pattern, open stitch for women - $3.95.

Crochet urban beanie pattern in open stitch designed for sportweight cotton.

Open stitch crochet beanie hat is a pretty summertime hat for women.

Crochet beanie and bandana pattern

Beanie and bandana, crochet pattern - $4.95.

Two summer designs in lightweight cotton, Open-check crochet stitch lets your head breathe in summer.

Color your travel wardrobe with crochet hair accessories.

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Crochet headband e-patterns

Crochet headband, bandana-style pattern

Crochet headband pattern, bandana style - $4.95.

Double-diamond chain-stitch pattern creates a net fabric that doesn't slip off your hair. Tie your headband just like a bandana.

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Crochet headband for women

Headband for women, lacy crochet pattern - $4.95.

Crochet a lacy headband in lightweight cotton yarn.

Accessorize your travel wardrobe with a cool cotton crocheted headband.

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Crochet headband, everyday comfort

Everyday crochet headband pattern - $3.95.

Crochet headband designed for the everyday comfort of 4 ply cotton or light-weight size 10 cotton yarn.

Easy crochet pattern in open check stitch for summer. A perfect hair accessory for travelers.

Crochet headband, open flower stitch

Headband for women, crochet pattern - $3.95.

Crochet headband pattern designed for fingering-weight or baby-weight cotton yarn.

Pretty do-it-yourself headband featuring open flower stitch ..... a perfect travel gift idea.

Crochet bandana e-pattern

Crochet bandana, chambray cotton

Crochet bandana hair scarf pattern - $3.95.

Crochet a lacy bandana in lightweight cotton yarn.

When life is lived out of a suitcase you need a hair scarf to protect and control your hair. Long lacy hair scarf included with bandana pattern.

Crochet headband for men

Crochet headband and bandana pattern - $4.95.

Textured unisex stitch in two designs: 1. wide headband 2. bandana.

Use cool cotton for summer and cosy wool or hemp blend for winter.

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Beanie hats bucket hats ear-flap hats headbands bandanas

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